Your face glows with a warning smile. For a good smile, you need healthy teeth. Taking care of your teeth is not a good practice but a necessity. You have to take care of the teeth every day to prevent any problems. Good habits can be necessary for your oral health. It can help to prevent gum diseases and cavities. 

Brush your teeth before going to bed

Most of us are aware that everyone should brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing the teeth is necessary to remove all food particles from the teeth. It removes plaque and bacteria and keeps the teeth clean. But still many people neglect to brush their teeth at night. You must brush your teeth before going to bed to remove all germs that accumulate in your mouth throughout the day. 

Visit a dentist at least twice a year

You should also visit the dentist to ensure that your teeth are healthy. If your teeth are crooked or not aligned, the dentist may suggest you some aid or treatment. For teeth aligning, you can consult with Doctors in Parsipppany. These aligners are very comfortable and easy to use. You can align your teeth in less time. Your dentist will also check for cavities or other potential issues. A regular dental check-up will help to prevent various issues like cavities, gum diseases, and oral cancer. 

Do not brush aggressively 

Take time to brush your teeth but don’t brush them aggressively. Brush the teeth in a small circular motion. Move the brush to the front, back, and top of every tooth. Don’t use aggressive back-and-forth motion. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to brush the teeth. When you brush too hard, it damages the enamel and gums. Due to this, you may face permanent tooth damage and tooth sensitivity. Also, change your brush every 3 months.

Use fluoride

Whenever you buy toothpaste, check for fluoride. Experts believe that fluoride is good for your oral health as it helps in preventing cavities. You can find various toothpaste and mouthwash products that contain fluoride. Lack of fluoride can cause tooth decay. Whenever you buy a new toothpaste, always check for fluoride. If your toothpaste does not contain fluoride then you should change it.

Don’t forget to floss  

Most people brush their teeth twice a day but forget about flossing. Don’t neglect to floss your teeth. It removes small pieces of food that are stuck in between the teeth that can’t be removed with brushing. Flossing is good to reduce plaque and stimulate the gums. It is also helpful in preventing bad breath issues. Floss your teeth gently with an up-and-down motion. 

Do not smoke

Smoke is very harmful to your body. It harms the immune system and the body faces issues in heaving the tissues. Smoking can also increase the risk of gum diseases. You can face lots of dental problems due to smoking such as bad breath, tooth discoloration, inflammation of salivary glands, etc. It can build tartar and plaque on the teeth and can increase the risk of leukoplakia. People who smoke have a risk of developing oral cancer.

Use mouthwash

Many people don’t consider mouthwash as an essential item but it is very good for your oral health. Mouthwash has many benefits such as it reduces the acid amount in your mouth, remineralizes the teeth, and cleaning the hard-to-brush areas. It contains chlorhexidine which is an antibacterial ingredient that helps in controlling plaque and gingivitis. Mouthwash is necessary for kids and aged people who can’t brush and floss their teeth properly. Purchase a mouthwash depending on your teeth' sensitivity, you can also ask your doctor to prescribe a good mouthwash product. 

Limit sugary food and scratch intake

Eating lots of sugary items is not good for your teeth. It can cause cavity issues and adverse dental health. Common items you should avoid are candies and desserts. These are processed food items and contain high amounts of sugar. According to a WHO report, a person should limit the sugar intake to less than 10 percent of the daily calories. If you lower it to around 5 percent, it can help in reducing issues like cavities and various other dental problems. 

Other food items such as chips, crackers, pasta, etc contain high amounts of starch that can cause tooth decay. Instead of taking starch-content food items, add fiber-rich fruits and veggies to your daily diet.

Drink a good amount of water

Water is essential for your overall health. From a simple cold to skin issues, water can help in treating lots of illnesses. Along with the skin, water is also good for your oral health. Drink a good amount of water after an hour of eating your meal. It will remove the acidic and sticky effect of your food. You should also drink water after drinking any beverages or sugary drinks.